Megan's Game takes off set against the spectacular back drop of the beautiful Welsh estuary and pretty village of Aberdovey, where Megan, a former Welsh tennis star, meets David at an informal tennis tournament, hosted by friends, entrepreneur Gareth and his wife, Nerys. David, who is intent on selling a chunk of the £120 million shares he needs to their hosts, for the biggest property deal he's ever attempted, thinks Megan's defensive and 'stodgy'. Meanwhile, she mistakes his driven manner and tension for shallow arrogance. However, when she gets her own back by slamming him on the tennis court, it forces David to see past her Welsh dragon front, and realize Megan's is as strong willed and intense as he is. Megan also begins to sense hidden depths lying behind David's materially driven and equally defensive front. Encouraged by Nerys, who urges Megan not just to play tennis but to drop her defences and 'play the game' of life and love, the two finally connect.

Nevertheless, as the action moves to David's 21st world of glass towers, in the City of London, David's still struggling to close the what has become the most ruthless property deal of his life, and when arch rival, lone shark businessman and sexual predator, Martin Van Dijl, attempts to pull the rug from under David, he only manages to claw back the upper hand at the 11th hour. Megan now finds herself catapulted into a world she has little respect, knowledge or liking for, but when Van Dijl's murdered, and the evidence firmly establishes David's guilt, she's now way out of her depth, but against the odds, Megan's the only one who believes that David's innocent. With every single belief she's ever had challenged, and pushed to the very limits of who she is to find the truth and help the man she now loves, will it be too far, to survive?

'Play the game Megan, play the game'. Reminiscent of some of the dark romantic thrillers of the 1980's/90's, 'Megan's Game', is a 21st century story about leaving the past behind and learning to love again - When everything else says you shouldn't.